• ZERO-CARB MCT KETO CREAMER. Free of carbs and sugar, this keto coffee creamer is the ideal alternative for coffee lovers on a keto diet. Kiss My Keto ketogenic creamer is 100% sugar-free with no glycemic fillers; maltodextrin, corn starch, or other chemicals or additives.
  • PACKED WITH ENERGY RICH MCTs. Each serving contains 67% C8 Caprylic Acid MCT Oil – the most potent form of MCT oil and a powerful source of energy on a keto diet. Enhance your workouts and boost mental clarity, while also suppressing your appetite.
  • GENTLE ON YOUR STOMACH. Do you have trouble tolerating MCT Oil and are tired of the discomfort? Our sugar free Keto coffee creamer with MCT oil is a creamy, delicious alternative that’s less oily, absorbs well, and is easier to digest without bloating.
  • DELICIOUS ORIGINAL CREAMER FLAVOR. Tastes just like regular coffee creamer! Mixes well in both hot and cold liquids to enhance the taste of any drink. Use in protein shakes, smoothies, teas, coffees, for a delicious creamy twist.
  • NEW LOOK. SAME FLAVOR. In the interest of keeping our image as fresh as our products we’ve jazzed up our packaging with a new design. Please bear with us as packaging may vary as we transition.